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Privacy Policy


This Privacy policy covers Tavvy’s policy of personally identifiable information that Tavvy accumulates when the User is on Tavvy’s site, and when the User uses Tavvy’s services. This policy also covers Tavvy’s treatment of any personally identifiable information that Tavvy’s business partners, shared with Tavvy. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Tavvy does not own or control, or to parties that Tavvy does not employ or manage.


    1. Applicable Law” includes all applicable statutes, enactments, acts of state legislatures or parliament, laws, ordinances, rules, bye-laws, regulations, notifications, guidelines, policies, directions, directives and orders of any governmental authority, statutory authority, tribunal, board, court or any other relevant jurisdiction.

    2. Cookie” shall mean a small text file that is placed on the host computer or mobile device to enable various features of Tavvy’s website or while using Tavvy’s services.

    3. Non-Aggregated Personal Information” shall mean all information of the User which is personally identifiable, which has been provided to Tavvy.

    4. Policy” shall refer to this Privacy Policy.

    5. User” shall be any end user who uses the services of Tavvy, including but not limited to both Educators, Students, Parents and Resellers of Tavvy services.

    6. Tavvy” shall refer to Tavvy FZ LLC incorporated in Fujairah Media Free Zone in United Arab Emirates, as Free Zone Limited Liability Company with License Number (10009/2017) in respect of creation of the Media Free Zone amended by Emiri Decree No. (4) for the year 2007.

    In this Policy unless the context otherwise requires:

    1. Words importing the singular will include the plural. Words importing the masculine gender will include the feminine or neuter and vice versa. Words importing persons will include companies.

    2. Any reference in this Policy to any statue or regulation is deemed to include all amendments and revisions made from time to time to that statute or regulation and any re-enactments thereof.

    3. This Policy will at all times be construed as a whole, according to its fair meaning, and not strictly for or against a party merely because that party (or the party’s legal representative) drafted the Policy.

    4. The headings, titles, and captions contained in this Policy are merely for reference and do not define, limit, extend, or describe the scope of this Policy or any provision herein.

    5. The word “including” means “including, without limitation.”

    6. A natural person includes a juristic person and vice versa.

  3. TERMS:

    1. Protecting the privacy and the confidentiality of the Non-Aggregated Personal Information is important to the staff and employees at Tavvy.

    2. Subject to Applicable Law, every representative, agent, third party service provider and/or employee of Tavvy, in the ordinary course of business, shall abide by the provisions of this Policy.

    3. Each employee and third-party service provider of Tavvy is responsible for the Non-Aggregated Personal Information under his control.

    4. Tavvy shall obtain all its Non-Aggregated Personal Information about the User directly from him, and/or from such other person who has been duly authorized by the User to disclose such information.

    5. Tavvy uses the following types of Cookies:

      1. Essential: Tavvy uses cookies necessary to enable or enhance certain functionality of the services rendered by Tavvy, such as recalling the User’s recent actions in relation to the said services or the User’s account settings on Tavvy’s online platform. If the User has Cookies disabled in his browser, these Cookies will be blocked.

      2. Non-essential: Tavvy uses Google Analytics’ cookies. If the User has Cookies disabled in the User’s browser, these Cookies will be blocked. Google Analytics is a web analysis service that is offered by Google Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze the usage of the services of Tavvy by the Customers to give Tavvy an insight in the way User uses Tavvy.
        For clarification of doubt, it is hereby stated that the User understands, acknowledges, affirms and agrees that at the instance of any of the Cookies and its associated attributes are blocked/de-activated, it may affect the usability of Tavvy’s online platform. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, Tavvy shall not be liable for any deficiency of service at such an instance. Tavvy shall have the right to but not an obligation to retain any information provided by the User.

    6. Tavvy reserves the right to block any User or otherwise remove any information, including but not limited to information provided by the User procured from any source for any reason whatsoever.

    7. Tavvy reserves the right to amend this Policy unilaterally, without notice, for any reason whatsoever.

    8. No provision in this Policy shall be applicable in case of disclosures that are mandatory under Applicable Law.

    9. During use of the services provided by Tavvy, the User may enter into correspondence with, purchase goods and/or services from, or participate in promotions of third-party service providers, advertisers or sponsors showing their goods and/or services through a link on Tavvy’s website. The User understands that the links take him off Tavvy’s website and the information provided in the listing are beyond the control of the Company. The User understands that these links may take him to websites, applications, services that have their own separate terms and conditions as well as privacy policy and the information provided in the listing may be inaccurate, misleading and false. For abundant caution, it is hereby clarified that Tavvy shall not be responsible and cannot be held liable for the content and activities of these websites’ applications, services and/or the information provided in such listing. The User understands that he visits or accesses these websites, applications, services entirely at his own risk.

    10. Tavvy collects and stores the following information (“Collected Information”):

      1. Things that the User does and the information he provides on Tavvy’s website and online platform.

      2. The User’s network and connections.

      3. Device Information of the User.

      4. Reports on the User on using Tavvy’s services.

      5. Sessions recorded by Tavvy for quality, audit, analytical and security purposes.

    11. Tavvy uses Collected Information for the following reasons:

      1. Provide, improve and develop services by Tavvy.

      2. Communicate with the User in a more efficient and effective manner.

      3. To promote safety and security.

      4. For better User experience.

      5. For better decisions and better choices.

      6. For displaying and measuring the services rendered through Tavvy’s Website.

      7. For research and data analytics.

      8. Providing the User with offers of Goods and Services the User maybe interested in.

    12. Tavvy shares the Non-Aggregated Personal Information only in the following instances:

      1. If required under Applicable Law or for a bona fide purpose to facilitate a judicial proceeding.

      2. In case of violation of any of the clauses of this Policy and/or the Terms of Use.

      3. In case of violation of any third-party rights.

      4. In case of change of ownership of Tavvy, to such new owner (including any new shareholders or investors).

      5. In case of any payment through and/or in relation to Tavvy.

      6. In case of communicating with any third-party partner or service provider, in relation to the services that are availed by the User.

      7. At the instance the User is a minor to the legal guardian of such User. For clarity purposes, a minor is defined as any user below the age of 18 years.

    13. Tavvy reserves the right to share the Collected Information which cannot be used for personally identification of any User to any third party.

    14. Public information is available to anyone on or off the Services and can be seen or accessed through online search engines, APIs, and offline media, such as on TV.

    15. Tavvy does not take any responsibility for misuse of the Public Information on or off Tavvy’s website.


    1. Basic registration: In order to have a limited access to the Platform, the User must first create an account on Tavvy’s website either by providing basic information about himself/herself including name, email, and phone number and/or allowing Tavvy to fetch such data from approved third party social profiles from websites like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

    2. User Registration: For the User to avail the Services, more extensive personally identifiable information needs to be provided to Tavvy, including but not limited to, academic profile, detailed interest areas in learning, subjects, strengths and weaknesses, as well as financial information (like credit card and/or debit card details and the billing profile). Tavvy reserves the right to scrutinize the information provided for the purposes of ascertaining its authenticity and validity.

    3. User Validation: For Tavvy to recognise someone as a registered User, that person must login with the User login email and password or alternatively use Tavvy’s services with his registered email or mobile number. At the time of login, the User will have the option to instruct the site to remember the User and/or password so when he comes back the next time to use Tavvy, he would not have to login with his email and password. As is common in the industry, Tavvy uses the technology of cookies and site log files to monitor user registration, to recognise registered Users when they revisit the site and to track site usage. Tavvy’s ability to identify a person as a listed User allows Tavvy to customise the user experience and to protect the User’s personal information based on their account settings.


    1. The User identity Information will be kept confidential and will be used for research, marketing, and strategic client analysis objectives and other business purposes of Tavvy.

    2. The User specifically allows without restriction the recorded Session envisaged hereinabove Clause 3.10(e) for generic marketing and promotional activity of Tavvy Platform or for security control or audit purposes.

    3. At the instance the User makes available certain pictures or videos in relation to his profile on the Tavvy platform and website, Tavvy reserves the right and the User provides an unrestricted, transferable, royalty-free and perpetual right to use such content for marketing and promotional purposes.

    4. Tavvy does not sell or rent personal information except that in case of the User being a subscriber of Tavvy’s need fulfillment services, the User’s personal information shall be shared with Tavvy’s advertisers / need providers and the User shall be deemed to have given consent to the same. Further, Tavvy’s advertisers / need providers who are listed with Tavvy, may call the User, based on the query or enquiry that the User makes with Tavvy, enquiring about any need provider / product / service product / service to any User/ need provider product.

    5. Sharing of information with third parties: Tavvy takes the User’s privacy very seriously. Tavvy will never sell, rent, or otherwise provide the User’s personally identifiable information to any third parties unless it is to carry out the User’s instructions and to provide specific services or unless Tavvy has a working relation with such companies.
      Illustration: Tavvy shall send the User’s information to a credit card processing company to process a payment the User has made for the use of a Tavvy service. These third parties are expected to be bound by strict confidentiality agreements which limit their use of such information. A fault on the part of a third party should not result in a liability on Tavvy in any way. In addition, Tavvy may share the User’s information to send direct mailers or complimentary coupons / offers to a mailing agency to process postal mailing. Again, such an agency would be bound by strict confidentiality agreements that limit their use of such information.

    6. Email and text communications: Tavvy generally communicates with the User as a registered User of Tavvy through the email id and / or mobile number that the User has specified at the time of registration or as amended by the User on a future date. The User’s email id and / or mobile number can also be used as the login string in conjunction with the password to authenticate the User on Tavvy site, if that facility exists on the website. The User’s email and password are never shared with anybody within or outside Tavvy. Tavvy uses this email address and mobile number to send the User the following types of communication including but not limited to sending the User emails and text messages related to the proper functioning of the User’s account, sending him occasional announcements about changes in Tavvy’s policies or promotions introduction of new services. Please note that these email communications may contain commercial messages of advertisers. As always, the User can opt out of the newsletters or promotional announcements. Additionally, Tavvy provides automated email communications for the following circumstances.

      1. Changes made on the security information of the User’s profile such as passwords and security questions for authentication purposes.

      2. Changes to the details made to the profile that can be publicly viewed by other Users on the Tavvy Platform.

      3. At the instance other Users intend to schedule/re-schedule sessions with such User including messaging between Users.

    7. Partnering with other Vendors: Tavvy may partner with other online services to offer a combined service. Whenever Tavvy offers such combined services, Tavvy will make it clear who the partner is, and it will be entirely up to the User to use or not to use the service unless the same is evaluated to be a core service of Tavvy.

    8. Provision of aggregate demographic information to third parties: Tavvy reserves the right to provide aggregate demographic information of its User base to advertisers and others so as to attract pertinent advertisers to advertise on Tavvy. Tavvy does not share personal information of individual users with advertisers unless a particular situation demands Tavvy to.

    9. Recording Sessions: The User agrees to be recorded while sessions are in progress to audit the quality of content provided by Tavvy and for security as well as research and development purposes.

    10. Disclosures required by law and enforcement agencies: It is possible that Tavvy may need to disclose personal information when required by law and enforcement agencies and regulators. Tavvy will disclose such information wherein Tavvy has a good-faith belief that it is necessary to comply with a court order, ongoing judicial proceeding, or other legal process served on Tavvy or to exercise Tavvy’s legal rights or defend against legal claims.

    The User can review the personal information he has provided Tavvy and make any desired changes to the information, or to the settings for his Tavvy account, at any time by logging in to User’s account on Tavvy website and editing the information on the User’s profile page.


    1. Tavvy is committed to ensuring and enforcing a safe and friendly online community space for all the Users. To this effect, Tavvy has come up with a policy on abuse that it would like all the Users to be aware of. These rules govern the use of Tavvy’s website and its product / service offerings and Tavvy would like all the Users to cooperate in complying with these rules so that everyone can have a pleasant experience. It lies at the discretion of Tavvy to determine what constitutes abuse on the Tavvy’s Platform and/or the Sessions.

    2. User Conduct and use of language: User conduct must be civil and tasteful and must not be malicious or designed to offend. Use of swear-words or profanity is strictly prohibited. The User shall not refer to the personality of other participants or attack an individual’s character or personally insult another User. The User shall not use the network to harass, threaten or verbally abuse or intimidate anyone, or behave in any manner that would cause annoyance or distress to any Users. All communication (including feedback) should be provided directly to the User to whom it is directed in a professional and unbiased manner.

    3. Users of Tavvy may not insult or defame the site, including any of its employees, educators, third-party service providers, advertisers or freelancers.

    4. The User shall not to make available any material that is obscene, defamatory, profane, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful or embarrassing towards other person(s) or an entity. Tavvy encourages a healthy exchange of opinions and disagreements. By all means the User is entitled to challenge an opinion if he wants to but only respectfully. Name-calling, insults and use of foul or abusive language will not be tolerated. This includes the use of offensive User display names and URLs. Anything shared through Tavvy is accessible to the entire internet community and Tavvy is not liable in cases where such information is misused. Please be aware of the general dangers of online information sharing like identity theft, phishing and other fraudulent activities. Under no circumstance shall any User make any remark in relation to any person on the Tavvy platform which shall be deemed to be inappropriate and insulting (at the sole discretion of Tavvy) with reference to any race, ethnicity, age, sex, sexual orientation, colour, physical appearance, religious/social/political beliefs, language etc.

    5. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, Tavvy reserves the unilateral right to delete any and all content without limitation and preclusion to any and all rights of Tavvy at such an instance if the User violates any content guidelines mentioned herein and/or other definitive documents that are applicable to the User in relation to his legal relationship with Tavvy as well as at the instance of such content resulting in the violation of any applicable law.

    6. Users of Tavvy are not permitted to collect or distribute personal data concerning other Users at any time.

    7. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, a User of Tavvy must not impersonate another User.

    8. Intellectual Property: Using copies of copyrighted material as a whole or in part on Tavvy without explicit permission from the copyright owner shall be deemed to infringe on the copyright and this applies to materials such as text, images, music, movies, games, and other software in digital and analog format. Tavvy reserves the right to immediately delete such material without prior permission / consultation from the User. If the User suspects that any content accessed by him through Tavvy is copyright protected and has been used fraudulently, please contact Tavvy immediately through email.

    9. Safety guidelines:

      1. All Users are responsible for the safety of their personal information. The User understands and acknowledges that names, professional history and other such personally identifiable information is made available by him on the Tavvy Platform at his own risk.

      2. All Users need to be aware that when they upload their photos to the site, the photos are not only visible to the entire internet community but can also be downloaded, since any image that can be displayed on a computer screen can be saved by the person viewing it. It is technically not possible to prevent this and hence Tavvy cannot be held liable in such cases. If the User is worried about someone else viewing or saving their images, then they should not submit them. User could also use an alter or a decent scenery photo etc. Tavvy reserves the right to accept or delete any photos or videos that the user posts on Tavvy website.

    10. Legalities:

      1. All Users are reminded that they may be held legally accountable for what they say or do using Tavvy. In particular, Users may be held liable for any defamatory comments, threats and / or untrue statements or other illegal and fraudulent claims made by them.

      2. Tavvy does not endorse the opinions expressed by its Users. If any User fails to observe the above rules of conduct at any time, Tavvy reserves the right to terminate the profile of the User, depending on the nature and severity of the breach and without prior warning or consent of the User.

      3. Registration as a Tavvy User at any time past or present and use of Tavvy’s website and all its product / service offerings will be taken as acceptance of this Policy. Tavvy reserves the right to change any and all of the policies listed above at its discretion with due notice to any of its Users and/or partners. Tavvy’s decision on all matters is final and binding on its Users. The User in such an instance shall be free to remove and delete his profile on the Tavvy Platform.

      4. Tavvy endeavors to foster a vibrant local and global service that serves millions of users and businesses. Tavvy is here to serve the Users 24×7 and use all feedback to refine and improve the online experience for the Users. The User can reach TEAM Tavvy anytime by writing to User relations on and Tavvy will respond to the User in a timely manner. Tavvy hopes that the User shall have an enjoyable and rewarding experience on Tavvy.


    1. Tavvy works hard to protect itself and its Users from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of information it holds.

    2. Tavvy reviews its information collection, storage and processing practices, including physical security measures, to guard against unauthorized access to systems.

    3. Tavvy restricts access to personal information to its employees, contractors, agents and vendors who need to know that information in order to process it for Tavvy, and who are subject to strict contractual confidentiality obligations and may be disciplined or terminated if they fail to meet these obligations.

    Tavvy shall ask for the consent of the User before using information for a purpose other than those that are set out in this Privacy Policy and other agreements accepted by the User.

    The Privacy Policy does not apply to services offered by other companies or individuals, including products or sites that may be displayed to the User in search results, sites that may include Tavvy services, or other sites linked from Tavvy’s services. The Privacy Policy does not cover the information practices of other companies and organizations who advertise Tavvy services, and who may use cookies, pixel tags and other technologies to serve and offer relevant advertisements.

    Terms of the corresponding Terms of User Agreement, Mentor Agreement, Tutor Agreement and/or Guide Agreement or any other specific agreement that the User accepts on Tavvy shall be applicable mutatis mutandis to this Policy.